Saturday, April 30, 2016

The American Horror Story

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

The Sacrifice of the wicked are an abomination to God, Prob. 21:27, see Cain

The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise, see Ps. 51, see Abel

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Seen to be seeing graduating tassels used on the dead as toe tags, a strange form of death and dying on the map 06/15/2002

A Voice Declaring: “A prayer for teens,” serious events concerning, or designing children on the map 06/04/2011

The Authentic Parable

     -The American Horror Story I read just yesterday was about four UGA teen females, all deceased because of a car that lost control of it, crossed the medium into oncoming traffic, which left another driver critically injured. Reminded here, that at one time, car accidents used to be the #1 killer of teens, thus the dream of seeing graduating tassels used as toe tags for the dead. Now you’re to factor into that most deadly already, these smart phones and social networking all while they’re driving, lest I forget, American teens thinking they’re virtually invincible, having been told for years by all manner of Parents and guardians that they can do anything, be anything, anybody, go anywhere, believe and trust all things.

      -So much so they don’t have any need for the God of heaven anymore, meaning all the more drug, alcohol and sex addicted, perverted, all he more violent and suicidal, all the more antigod, Christ. That American parents and grandparents are raising satanic, to demonic groupies as not only the future of America but westernized civilization, the greatest threat to God's Kingdom Reign since Noah's earth, believe me.  All of  which would explain the dream I shared just above of waking up from sleep 2011, simply hearing a voice lament and I quote “a prayer for teens.” Faithfully a prayer for teens is the same for all mankind having sinned, if their parents haven't like a Father Abraham taken them to the God’s Alter and sacrificed them accordingly, see Christ’s Cross, then they're going to have to sacrifice themselves, that’s to the only Good Shepherd, and thus Good Death, the blood of the Lamb Of God, Jesus is Christ.

    -You see, long before Disney and Nickelodeon and Family/Freeform, and various blockbuster movie made sorceries, hobbits, vampires, werewolves, hunger games, factions and maze runners, and every other project concerning them, that’s made monsters of our children. That I, by nearly thirty years of work now made Marriage Worshipper, as in Jesus Christ’s Worshippers, of teens, and have shared every ounce of it on line since there’s been an internet for sharing. That’s right into the school cafeteria scene in Twilight, just one of many owed this work, unto the entire 2012 movie, yes, I wrote of a world by unthinkable cataclysms being made refugees and escaping by Mega, Transforming ships above and beneath water, (Arks), into a New Africa decades prior.

      -Of course said accusations can go on and on into books of its own how this work have by authors and directors been both mimic and mocked for many years. Although and here is the silver lining, as there is nothing to fret, I read just recently how if Col. Gaddafi had been allowed to finished his work, US of Africa, that it would’ve been realized by 2017. Those reading behind me, well you then know, 2017 is the year Holy Spirit proposed America is to end, you get it? A New Africa would’ve been realized just as America is being wiped from the globe of it, as so was the year 2024 proposed, as this finish date, that’s seven years later. Just as so, 2017 isn’t only to mark the end of western civilization but the dispensation of grace and the Church Age, meaning the first resurrection of Saints.

     -Extraordinarily meaning, Jesus will return with the Bride exactly seven years later, 2024, another proposed date for a United States of Africa, you can call it coincidence, I’ll just call it the end time fulfillment of bible prophecy. Will America exodus? That’s the now billion to trillion dollar question having graduated from millions, having spent them on fighting terrorist like they were nickels, or so was said of Bush them. To be sincere, yes, America is a slow motion exodus, they already know this, besides the catching away of the Saints, it’s the one other thing Holy Spirits been showing me, of course millions will die on US soil as they refuse to believe Apostle prophecies. Though, you’re not to fret, this is the why it has always been, disbelief has killed and damned many people, and will, until the end, Jesus forewarn of this, as in the days of Noah, He said of it, see Mat. 24.

     -The Bride being found worthy to escape per Christ’s blood and Her Faithfulness therein, could be why the Holy Spirit explain 2011, how soon, we could be praying for the tribulation saints, only now, from our reign in heaven, with Christ/Them. For those who yet don’t understand, my book characters 1988 to present day is all based upon a made paradise African Continent of a covenant Elohim made with young Marriage/Jesus worshippers. Something miraculously where Hussein Obama could be its proposed for many years African Born leader (Preece Ebonee Be'le) and deliverer regarding an exodus of America, that’s western refugees.

     -Clearly this would all then be God showing rebellious mankind that carry themselves as though God is mocked, and ignorant and powerless regarding their in His Face abomination that instead He has always been in control of all of it. The dream of the loan of the artificial leopard skin coat that mesmerizes into indescribable distraction everyone making it's contact. Oddly, it climaxes along this elaborate lost and found scenario of a bed and bath scene of said distract during which Jesus come in unnoticeably and snatch out the Righteous Bride from among them, His Blood, Her/Their Faithfulness causing them to be worthy to escape all such catastrophes.  

     -Well, I never understood why this mystery along a full bed and empty bath demonstration, except from who's window I could easily investigate people stranded on the rooftops as those sorely left behind. Truly as those gone all the more crazy, that's not understand until now, the bed and bath brawls of the leopards verses the Ethiopians. He alone is God, and one day all knees bowing to Him for all time prior and all time ever to come, will prove the same, He is this King of Glory, by Christ's Cross, worship Him, awake, be as aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see       

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