Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The America Dream Verses Suicide

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

We The People Of The Cross

-God’s order, Jesus’ Cross, Marriage, (naturally born husband and wife), Family, growing and rooted together into Christ’s Glory, an assembly of spirit and truth, see Mt. 11:28-29

-Man’s order, Satan’s seat, man head of the woman, unto perverted marriage,  condemn family, apostate assembly, growing into better performances of wickedness, pluck up by the root, twice dead, accursed. see Pro. 14:12  

The American Dream Verses Suicide

      -I shared an article less than a month ago, how suicide is on the rise, and that especially in Alberta Canada since oil is tanking, so I’m sitting here, and looking at another article about this clever illusionist. This damning truth looter, all the more making people think they’re in control of death and suicide is just one of those things to do with it, just another way out. Just as so, I started thinking, questioning, truly what is the difference; that’s between America and Suicide?  How they’re both clever deceptions, they’re both a temporal solution to an eternal problem, they’re both driven to or by torture, especially of ones, mind, heart, just this feeling of being abandoned, castoff, or simply fallen through the cracks, now this lingering horribly in the dark, both have this incalculable to ascertain popularity even that they’re both Romanized, again all lies.

     -So am I saying to be an American is to be suicidal? No, I’m saying staying in America, thinking that you’re to somehow change her, use it to somehow change the world. Regularly convinced that though is it mostly unpleasant, even nightmarish; problems can be solved regardless will and is making you suicidal. Although, and thank God, not your supposedly lucky stars that got you all into this maze of lies, thinking you’re to be like God all without Him; those lucky stars now with prophetic purpose to target us all.
     -No, one is truly a temporal fix, from the first aid kit, to the band aid, to the ambulance, to the blood transfusion to the heart transplant, all man prompted, all this time-based repair. Inexcusably, suicide, suicide is that as dying without Christ, dying without Christ is this separation from your temporal flesh with your soul yet in jeopardy of Judgment. Said judgment is this birth upon, yet unthinkable condemnation which not only can’t end well, it can’t end period, the second death being eternal, need I repeat this? See Hebs. 9:27           

     -Faithfully, we’re talking the flesh returning back to the earth, the spirit back to God who gave, actually loan it, the soul yet in Jeopardy, on to hell awaiting, as to face Righteous Judgment. Actually in Holy Scripture it’s defined as the Great White Throne Judgment, see here, Rev. 20:9-14. Where all the dead, or every element of taking of life on this planet is ordered by God’s Throne to now release their dead to Him, as so for judgment. Remember Jesus said, one of the reasons Holy Spirit was come into the world, was for judgment, because even the Prince of this world is judged, meaning none exempt, so we're not to exalt one above another, no celebrity. 
     -Going on as this most remarkable, it then talk about books being open, a book of life and a book of death, where we’re are being recorded even now and the dead small and great are judged right here and those whose names are not written in the book of life. Exclusively meaning the Anointed of Jesus Christ, are those then cast into a lake of fire, yes, if you’re to ask, again yes, a God whose to love incomprehensibly so, unto being just as longsuffering toward us ward, all to perform a new earth and heaven, unto this Divine Reunion, has to result to this unthinkable conclusion, flee this truth looter, get ye, thy house, all to Jesus Christ, Repent!, Awake! Apb, The RAM, see more here,,

Ephesians 6:12

     For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.